The premium desktop filament extrusion and winding system

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Our new filament winding system with FilaPull is taking the industry by storm

FilaFab Freestanding1


Choose your nozzle and extrude what you need. It’s that easy!

FilaFab Spool1

Freestanding with winding

The winder will use a combination of sensors to automatically coil your filament on to your spool at a controlled rate.

The complete solution

Automatically extrude to your required diameter and wind directly to spool.

FilaFab Pultrusion Spool
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Quick and easy setup
Incredible possibilities

Produce huge 3D prints for less.
Unleash your creativity with an unlimited supply of ultra low cost filament.
Recycle your own plastic and save up to 100% on your raw material costs.

ongoing development FilaFab Extruder 1
ongoing development FilaFab Winder 1


Big savings
Save up to 90% on the cost of filament and do more.


Recycle plastic
Many household plastics can be converted into filament for your 3D printer, go green.


For makers
Create the filament you need when you need it.

Any colour
Use our colour dyes with neutral pellets to create any colour filament you want.
Excellent tolerance
Every machine ships with 1.75mm and 3.00mm nozzles as standard with other sizes available.
Your way
Mix up your own materials and compounds, use ABS, PLA, HDPE, nylon and more.

What can you do with FilaFab?

FilaFab is a plastic extrusion system which enables you to create high quality filament for your 3D printer at a hugely reduced cost than ready made. Combine with our Winding machine to re-fill your empty spools automatically. FilaFab also gives you the power to create unique colours and materials for your 3D printer. Unleash your creativity!

For Free
By using recycled plastics you could save up to 100% of the cost of your materials… Of course you will still need electricity but power consumption is kept surprisingly low due to the energy saving measures we have built into FilaFab. Buy our extrusion ready pellets and produce filament at a fraction of your normal supply cost.

Create Colour
Produce any colour you want by combining neutral plastics with our selection of dye. Colour match, to anything.

Polymer Capability

FilaFab is a serious piece of kit with capabilities far surpassing our competitors. Proven industrial design, miniaturised for your desktop. Don’t be fooled by it’s small size though, FilaFab is a heavyweight when it comes to polymer extrusion. Combining an ultra robust all metal frame with force distribution and a powerful drive system with easy to use controls.

Recycle Plastic

Unused prints

Support material

Print waste

Household plastics

Recycled granules

Create New

Virgin pellets

Coloured Dye

Compounded polymer

Unrivaled Safety

With so much power under the hood we have designed in many features to ensure safe operation. FilaFab products are designed from the ground up using bespoke components to ensure safe, reliable long term operation.

Emergency stop button
Automatic shutdown on power failure means it doesn’t start by itself when power comes back on
Fully self enclosed power supply means no mains wiring to do.
Auger and hopper guards keep fingers away from moving and hot parts
Robust powder coated steel enclosure locks away internal moving and hot parts
Non-slip rubber feet keep the machine in place
Internal over voltage and current protection
Bespoke electronics with high powered industrial crimped connectors ensure safe and reliable operation
Motor inrush and soft start provides graceful and controlled power-up

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