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FilaFab PRO 350 EX

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Product Description

FilaFab PRO 350 EX – The Filament Fabricator

The FilaFab PRO 350 EX  has been designed around the same chassis as our Pro range of extruders but includes some exciting upgrades:

· Compatible with our in development product roadmap
· Once our new 3D printing platform is released your FilaFab PRO 350 EX will have the capability to dock with if for direct printing from recycled or new plastics without the need to produce filament first.
· We have plans to enable additions and provide add-ons for your PRO 350 EX which will take it from awesome to super awesome. See our product roadmap for a sneak peek.

FilaFab PRO 350 EX gives you the power to extrude filament on demand and makes the perfect addition to any FFF 3D printer for hobbyists, students, and professionals alike.
Extrude various colours and diameters as well as experiment with new materials.
Quickly produce the filament you need, when you need it.
Save up to 90% on the cost of ready made filament.
Recycle old prints.
Experiment with different materials and additives (tested with ABS and PLA).
FilaFab offers bespoke electronics and numerous safety features with easy assembly.

· Powerful Motor Drive with speed control
· Dedicated Electronics
· Digital PID Temperature Control
· Safe & Simple Pre-Wired Connectors
· Non Slip Rubber Feet
· Robust All-Metal Construction
· Sleek Low Profile Design
· Integrated Hopper
· Emergency Stop
· Powder Coated Steel Enclosure
· Nozzle Guard
· Auger Guard
· Safe Non Latching Controls
· Interchangeable Nozzles 1.75mm, 3mm & “1mm blanks”
· Replaceable Parts
· Supplied with Everything Required (UK, AUS, US or EU plug)
· Full Range Power Input 120VAC to 220VAC
· 1 year warranty on all parts*

3D Printing
Designed for the hobbyist and professional alike FilaFab compliments your FFF 3D Printer perfectly. Four distinct versions of FilaFab are available to meet your requirements.

Many plastics can be recycled, including old printed objects, support materials and general waste. The abundance of waste plastics means you will never be short of low cost filament materials. Experiment with bottles and cartons, old enclosures and more. Turn your workshop in to a fully operational polymer recycling and filament production plant to feed your 3D printer or printers.**

Save Money
Whether you are running a single machine or several, FilaFab can supply the filament you require, when you require it and at a significantly reduced cost. Savings of up to 90% can be achieved depending on the material.

FilaFab is not only for 3D Printers, with such a powerful tool at your disposal the sky is the limit. For example mould the filament into sculptures and signs, or perhaps use it to make a balustrade for a model boat. Rework the soft plastic extrusion to produce low cost thin plastic rod to your requirements.


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