iGoSense – Take anywhere security to your own design.

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1) Upload your own background

                This could be a photo, a custom graphic or even a hand drawn sketch.

2) Deploy iGoSense and turn on

Click the rubberised button on the back to enable.

3) Drag alert icons onto screen

When motion is sensed the alert icon will blink showing you at a glance the precise location of the alarm.

Use  custom backgrounds and icons to create your own graphical alarm panels.

Use pre-installed icons to quickly  get up and running.

Security to your own design

Create custom backgrounds and alarms using your own images, graphics and photos.



Dimensions: 100mm x 26mm

Operation Temperature: -20C to +60C

Ingress Protection: IP67 (dust and water resistant)

Body Materials: Aluminium


igosense specifications

Optical Characteristics

Detection Range: 5m*

Horizontal Beam Angle: 94 deg

Vertical Beam Angle: 82 deg

Detection Zones: 64

igosense beam width

Accessories Included

Each iGoSense includes our multi-purpose adjustable brackets to ensure whatever your position, we have it covered.

Strap Clip

Corner Bracket

Adjustable Mount

motion sensor, igosense, wifi alarm, shed alarm, home security

Tactical Pouch

Optional tactical pouch keeps your iGoSense kit together ready for deployment anywhere.



Water resistant

tactical bag

Who is iGoSense for?


Home owners


Shed and outbuilding

Campers and Caravaning

Scouting and fishing

Paintball and airsoft

Private security


Door Staff

Spy equipment

Contraband monitoring

Restricted access

Farm equipment


Perimeter security


Egress route protection

Tamper detection

Animal and pet monitor

Asset protection

Vehicle and driveway monitor

Design Ethos

We want the iGoSense to be available to as many people as possible.  One of the key ways we can accomplish that is with your help.

With your support on Kickstarter we can secure quantity order discounts allowing us to provide iGoSense at a remarkable low cost.

You will also be helping us to launch what we think is an exciting product range, iGoSense is just the beginning!

Please share – we need you!
Get in touch: info@igosense.co.uk

motion sensor, wifi sensor, home alarm